Want a Green Revolution? Build it from the Center and Work Outward - FAST

The Metamorphosis Want a Green Revolution? Build it from the Center and Work Outward - FAST Pathways to a Sustainable and Bipartisan “Green New Deal” The Bipartisan Energy Innovation & Carbon Dividend Act Reduces Carbon Pollution and Income Inequality and could form the foundation of a real and profound shift toward a cooler planet and a more democratic economy. In every small cafe, bistro and coffee shop here in the shadow of Rattlesnake Ridge there is growing buzz about the “Green New Deal”. Mostly, on both ends of the political spectrum, it’s a knee jerk reaction on one side or the other based on ideology. Most folks, though, are just puzzled by it because they can’t seem to put their arms around what, exactly, it is, and with good reason, even the sponsors don’t really know. Some present it as an effort to save the planet, but let’s be real. Mother earth doesn’t need to be saved. . . we do; along with more than a million species who share this planet with us.

Boston Conference Addresses Storage and Transportation

The 2019 New Energy Solutions Conference The Institute for Innovation and Sustainability, in collaboration with the Northeast Electrochemical Energy Storage Cluster, ACTION Innovation Network and the Hydrogen Energy Center, is pleased to host the 2019 New Energy Solutions Conference, focused on Energy Storage, Microgrids and Transportation Infrastructure, taking place at the Boston Marriott Newton on Thursday, June 27, 2019 This unique conference is bringing together leaders in the energy storage, microgrids, and transportation infrastructure to the new energy innovation epicenter: Boston, Massachusetts. We are bringing together 26 speakers on 11 panels for a full day conference, focused on growth markets driving technology innovation, new business formation and capital investments geared towards enabling and accelerating a low carbon, resilient and cost competitive clean energy future. The conference builds on the 2017 Energy Storage and Microgrids Conference, held